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Quantum Lightning

Striking Performance Rear-wheel Drive

The new Lightning rear-wheel drive power chair features a high forward pivot long trail arm, a state-of-the-art design that provides dramatically improved obstacle climbing performance and a smoother ride. The Lightning also has outstanding tight space manoeuvrability, a sliding battery tray for easy access and accepts rehab seating and electronics. With its stylish, sleek design and a standard speed of up to 4 mph (6.4 km/h), the Lightning is a superior power chair for even the most active clients.

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Available Colours

Silver Black Candy Apple Red Viper Blue


Collapse  Specifications & Technical Data

Available Model Options

These are the available options for this model. You will be able to include any of these items on your Pride product.

Euro Seat 2 Tru Balance Flip Up Arm Rests
Tru Comfort Residual Limb Support-Left/Right Leg
Synergy Seating 70 Degree Swing-Away Leg Rests
Tru Balance2 Power Recline 70 Degree Drop in, Angle and Depth Adjustable
Tru Balance2 Power Tilt and Recline 70 Degree Euro Style Power Elevating Leg Rests
Euro 2 Power Recline Stumpboards Left/Right
Euro 2 Power Tilt Rehab Headrests Small
10" Arm Pad Rehab Headrests Large
14" Arm Pad Stealth Headrest-Small
10" Waterfall Pad Stealth Headrest-Large
14" Waterfall Pad Stealth Swing-Away Lateral Supports (3" x 5" pad)
Flat Euro Style Pad Stealth Swing-Away Lateral Supports (4" x 6" pad)
Quick Height Adjustable Centre Mounted Extra Positioning Links for Stealth Laterals
Synergy Cane Mounted Flip Up Arms Tru Comfort Lateral Supports
Tool Height Adjustable Centre Mounted


Model Specification

Note: All specifications subject to change without notice.

Drive Wheels: 14” (35.5 cm) Seating Options: Synergy®
Adjustable Width: 14”-20” (35.5 cm - 51 cm) Adjustable Depth: 14”-20” (35.5 cm - 51 cm)

TRU-Comfort Plus
Adjustable Width: 16”, 18" or 20” (41 cm, 46 or 51 cm) Adjustable Depth: 16”, 18" or 20” (41 cm, 46 or 51 cm)

Euro Seat 2
Only available in the following sizes:
Adjustable Width: 16”-20” (41 cm - 51 cm) Adjustable Depth: 16”-20” (41 cm - 51 cm)
Omni Castors: Front: 9” (23 cm) pneumatic Drive Train: Two-motor, rear-wheel drive
Suspension: Active-Trac® ATX Suspension (with long trail arm) Battery Requirements: Two 12 volt, deep cycle 70 AH
Maximum Speed: Up to 4 mph (6.4 km/h) Battery Charger: Off-board, 8 amp
Braking System: Intelligent Braking - electronic, regenerative disc brakes. Electronics: Exclusive - 80 amp - R-Net Drive Control System with LED display. R-Net Colour Display (optional)
Ground Clearance: 3” (7.62 cm) Weight Capacity: 21 Stone 6lbs (136 kg)
Turning Radius: 25.75” (65.4 cm) Base Weight : 129 lbs (58.51 kg)
Overall Length : 35” (88 cm) Seat Weight: Seat Weight on this model will change by size, selected options, selected seat, power options etc.
Overall Width: 25” (63.5 cm) Battery Weight: 129 lbs. (58.51 kg)


The information contained herein is correct at the time of publication; due to the manufacturer's commitment to constant improvement and development, they reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

Applicable to scooters and powerchairs: theoretical range is calculated under test conditions in accordance with European standards. Actual range in normal use will depend on many factors, including the condition of the vehicle and its batteries, the weight of the driver, correct tyre pressures, ambient temperature and the gradient and surface of the road or pavement.

Exact product configurations shown here may not be available in all markets.

Collapse  Support & Resources


To ensure you always have the most up-to-date and accurate data and information for your Quantum Lightning, we keep a library of documents & support resources here. You will need a PDF reader to access most of our documents, we recommend Adobe Reader or Foxit PDF Reader

If you need any help using our Support & Resources section, please contact us.

  Document Size
UK_Lightning Sell Sheet.pdf 2211.24kb
Euro Seat 2 System insert.pdf 2750.16kb
Lightning owners manual.pdf 7527.88kb
Lightning_Specification.pdf 815.46kb
Synergy Seating basic operation instructions..pdf 4012.53kb
Keyless locking sales sheet.pdf 2720.84kb
Generic Power Chair_Quick_Reference_Tag.pdf 860.07kb
UK_Power Chair Transit Package_RevF_Sept14.pdf 1144.16kb

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