Where can I find the serial number of my scooter/lift chair?

Scooter- Your 12-14 digits serial number will be located on a sticker barcode found on the seat post of the scooter.

Pride Lift chair- Your serial number will be located on a sticker barcode at the rear of the chair on the wooden frame. 

Does my local dealership have this scooter in stock or a showroom that I can visit ?

Unfortunately, we are unable to advise what dealerships have in stock. As such we can only suggest that you contact your chosen Pride Provider in the area to confirm stock and specific requirements.

Where is the best place to store my scooter?

If you plan on not using your scooter for an extended period of time, it is best to: 

  1. Fully charge the batteries prior to storage
  2. Disconnect the batteries from the scooter
  3. Store your scooter in a warm, dry environment
  4. Avoid storing your scooter where it will be exposed to extreme temperature


Can you advise which hoist is best for my scooter?

We are unable to advise which hoist is best for your Pride scooter. Please contact your chosen hoist manufacturer to assist you further. 

Parts & Warranty
Can I purchase parts/replacements directly from you?

Unfortunately, as the manufacturer, we at Pride Mobility Products Ltd do not sell or service direct to the public; as such we can only suggest that you contact your original or local Pride provider in the area who will be able to assist you further with any parts you may require. 

Can I still register my scooter as I have passed the 15 days?

The scooter registration card that is inserted in the box is for marketing purposes only, all the information that is needed to register your product is the serial number.

What warranty comes with my scooter/ is labour charges covered?

LIFETIME WARRANTY Structural frame components, including platform, fork, seat post, and frame welds. 

TWO-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Drivetrain, including transaxle, motor, and brake. 

ONE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY All electrical parts, including controllers and battery chargers, are covered for one year under warranty. Any attempt to open or dismantle these parts will lead to this warranty being void.

BATTERIES Batteries are covered by a twelve-month warranty from the original manufacturer. 

NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY The following are classed as wear items, which may, under normal wear and tear, require replacing. These items are not therefore covered under warranty: tyres, lap belts, bulbs, upholstery, plastic shrouds, motor brushes and fuses. Warranty will also be refused if damage is deemed to have been caused through misuse or accident for which Pride Mobility Products Ltd. cannot be deemed responsible. 


NOTE: Pride Mobility Products Ltd. provides parts only under warranty. Your authorised Pride Dealer is responsible for labour and service. Please contact your authorised Pride Dealer for information about these services and for any applicable charges

Technical Advice
How often must I charge the batteries?

Many factors come into play when deciding often to charge the batteries.

Daily use- 

If you use your product on a daily basis, charge the batteries as soon as you’re finished using your product to be ready each morning to give you a full day of use. It is recommended that you charge your batteries 8-14 hours after daily use.

Infrequent use- 

If you use your scooter infrequently (once a week or less), you should charge the batteries at least once per week for 12-14 hours. 

Can I put an alternate suppliers batteries in my scooter?

We unfortunately wouldn't be able to advise the usage of any batteries other than those supplied by Pride. 

My scooter is beeping, what does that mean?

Please refer to the basic troubleshooting page in the user manual supplied with your scooter.

Can I have a copy of the wiring diagram?

Please note that as the manufacture, we are unable to supply wiring diagrams to the general public, we can only suggest that you contact your chosen Pride Provider who will be able to assist you further with your query. 

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