1. Can Electric Wheelchairs Get Wet?
    In the real world, water is a fact of life. Weather is unpredictable and cannot be controlled. You can be out with your power chair and suddenly, a rain or snow shower hits! Plus, even after a storm is over, there may be large puddles or piles of snow in the roads or on the sidewalks. It’s important to understand how water affects electric wheelchairs. By taking action following contact with water, you can preserve the life and performance of your power wheelchair.   When faced...
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  2. Treat Your Mobility Scooter to a Summer Holiday
    With summer around the corner and the smell of adventure in the air, it’s time to make sure your mobility scooter is in tip-top condition! It’s the time of year to get out and about, taking in all the beautiful sites England has to offer. Despite the beautiful weather, it’s still important to take care of all aspects of your mobility scooter. So what do you need to do to keep your mobility scooter running smoothly?   Let it shine   While appearance isn’t...
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  3. The Top 5 Wheelchair Accessible Events and Attractions You Need To Visit This Summer
    As summer draws nearer and the promise of a few days of sunshine becomes a possibility, the question that pops into everyone’s mind is ‘what am I going to get up to this summer?’. With hundreds of different options out there it can take some time to find out the ones that are accessible, so we’ve decided to put together our top 5 list of events and attractions you need to visit this summer! Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet or want the fun and noise of a...
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