With summer around the corner and the smell of adventure in the air, it’s time to make sure your mobility scooter is in tip-top condition! It’s the time of year to get out and about, taking in all the beautiful sites England has to offer. Despite the beautiful weather, it’s still important to take care of all aspects of your mobility scooter. So what do you need to do to keep your mobility scooter running smoothly?


Let it shine


While appearance isn’t everything, keeping your scooter shining in the sun is a great way to spot any exterior damage and ensure your scooter runs smoothly. After using your scooter, be sure to give it a quick clean and remove any dirt or debris that may have lodged itself under the wheel arches or under the scooter. As we all know, summer in England is very hit and miss, so if you are caught in a summer shower make sure you thoroughly dry your scooter - especially the battery and battery compartment to reduce the chance of rust.


Regular servicing is crucial


If you think of how important it is to get your car serviced every year, the same applies to your scooter. Find a local mobility company with qualified and professional engineers who will be able to give your scooter an in-depth service ensuring it remains safe on the roads and often spotting things that the untrained eye may miss.


Stay in charge


The battery on your mobility scooter is the most important element of your scooter so ensuring it’s looked after will ultimately help you. Now it’s important to understand that your battery will not hold as much charge as it did when it was brand new, however if you’re going away on holiday this year, ensure that you have both of your battery fully charged before you go so you can hit the road running when you arrive!


If you’re heading abroad and taking your scooter, be certain to double check the voltage where you’re staying to ensure it’s suitable for your charger. Having a voltage that is lower than what your charger requires can cause damage to the battery and power surges. If your charger is a higher voltage, it might be worth taking two fully-charged batteries for the duration of your trip.


Keep rolling


To ensure a smooth journey, be sure to keep an eye on your tyres. Making sure there are no dents, punctures or damage to your tyres will certainly be the difference between a happy holiday and a sad one. If you have pneumatic tyres, ensure that they are at the right pressure. Should you need to pump your tyres, DO NOT do it at a petrol station – the pressure will be too high and may cause damage to your tyres, instead use a hand pump to inflate them.


Ensure there’s 5* accommodation


Unfortunately summer in the UK isn’t always blue skies and scorching sun, if you’re caught in a summer rain storm, having somewhere dry to keep your scooter is important. If you’re heading away this summer make sure the hotel/apartment etc. has adequate space for you to store your mobility scooter away from the rain and moisture. Of course your scooter can handle small puddles and light rain but making sure it has a dry space to return back to will keep it in tip-top condition allowing you enjoy the rest of your holiday!



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